Greeting French to English? (2023)

How do you answer salute in French?

Also note that we use a hyphen and swap the subject and verb to form a question. Answer with a simple Je vais bien, et vous? (I'm doing well, and you?). You can also just say Bien, et vous? (Good and you?). The key is the et vous (and you), which leads to a similar answer.

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What are the 2 meanings of salute?

"Salut" can be used for both"Hello and goodbye". It is an informal way of greeting or saying goodbye to someone. If someone introduces you to someone new and it's an informal setting with people your own age, say "salute." And then when each party goes in a different direction, you can say "salute" again.

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How do you reply to Ca va salut's comment?

As in English, French people tend to say Ça va? with positive feedback –Fine or fine, thank you– similar to how we would use fine in English. The following answers are polite enough for a new acquaintance, but also general enough for a good friend: Très bien, merci.

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Do the French still say salute?

Just like in English, there are several ways to say hello in French.You can just use the informal greeting (hi) alone. You can also use bonjour (good morning or hello) or bonsoir (good evening).

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What is the answer to the greeting?

However, if greeted uncovered by Army or Air Force personnel, the most appropriate and polite response isreturn the greeting. When in doubt, think of a greeting as synonymous with a handshake. If someone offers to shake your hand, you return it out of courtesy and respect.

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What do you say back to salut?

Ça va? (how are you?) Ça va bien means "it's going fine" and can be used more or less the same way, as a meaningless polite question and answer. Ça va bien? (Things are going well?) Finally, comment ça va? is a question meaning "How are you?"

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Can salut mean bye in French?

Hallo (Sah-lou).This is a very casual way of saying goodbye (or rather, "Bye!") in French.. Note that it also means "Hello!"

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Does salute mean yes?

Another casual way of greeting people is salut, which can mean both "hello" and "bye." Words you probably already know, but we wanted to add them to our list anyway to make sure there are ways to say "yes" and "no" in French.

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What does salute mean literally?

Salute literally means "greeting' and is used both for greeting and farewell. It's a bit like ciao in Italian. Speaking of goodbye...

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Does salut mean hi or bye in French?

Greeting (Sah-lou). That's a very casual way of saying itGoodbye (or rather, 'Bye!)in French. Note that it also means "Hello!"

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What does it mean when someone says salute?

The informal French greeting "Salut!" (pronounced saw-lu) has several meanings inclusivehello, hello, bye, goodbye and cheers.

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Can I salute a stranger?

Salut is not a way of greeting strangerseither, while used in informal situations, it's mainly said to people you know. However, this can include everyone you know, not just friends and family.

Greeting French to English? (2023)
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